At Palkot block Backyard poultry activities have been emerging as potential activities. Tribal families are already rearing 12-20 BYP for fulfilling their immediate cash.


Earlier farmers had congested shed for poultry rearing with high motility rate of 40-50%. The lack of proper shelter provided an opportunity to snakes, big cats, dog, fox, etc. Lack of proper Shelter leads to exposing birds to high temperatures during summer and low temperature during winters and in the rainy season causing more diseases. From Production capacity of per hen is around 40-50 eggs annually. Per Hen complete 4 clutches of eggs production. In one clutch hen produce average 11-15 eggs. Earlier there was no practice for vaccine except some homemade remedies.

Production Cluster system is practiced for all livelihood options like newly we initiate Backyard poultry in this approach in eight villages at Palkot, where more than 50 SHG members started backyard poultry and plane for vaccination at the same time, We train Pashushakhi in these villages, who are completely community paid, community initiated BYP and initially earn more than 8000 Rs. in a year

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